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Irena i Tadeusz Owsianka Building Carpentry Company with its registered office in Zabłocie was started in 1978.
The founder and owner of the Company is Mr Tadeusz Owsianka. It all started with a small workshop in which the founder worked on his own, chiselling and renovating period furniture.

Beginning in 1984, when the production of doors and stairs began, there has been a tremendous development of the Company. Since 1990 it has employed juvenile workers with the aim of training well-qualified staff. Year 1992 was a real breakthrough as the first shipment of goods was sent abroad. In the years that follow the company expands its production area, purchases state-of-the-art machinery and carpentry tools as well as equipment and software necessary to design stairs of various construction.

By 2000 fifty-four students completed their carpentry education in the company and many of them are still employed in the company until this very day. Mr Tadeusz Owsianka was awarded the Gold Medal of a Craftsman by the Polish Crafts Association for training students in the craft of carpentry. In 2001 Owsianka Building Carpentry Company won the first prize in the national ?Employer ? The Organizer of Safe Employment? competition organized by the National Labour Inspectorate in Warsaw, Poland.

The Company now specializes in designing, manufacturing and assembling stairs and doors of any required size and shape. The main raw material is wood, we also combine wood with metal, marble and glass, which leads to extraordinary effects.

The acquired experience and design knowledge accumulated throughout the years are implemented in new orders which makes them even more perfect. Our products are characterized by high quality and design variety proved by the recognition of Polish and European customers. We are open to receiving offers and orders of all kinds. We guarantee high quality, technical assistance and efficient customer service.

We look forward to cooperating with you.